Artanis d.o.o.

Manage all your nautical needs and support in one place

Making the full coverage nautical company

In today′s world, the importance of a well-executed service and consulting when starting in nautical business can’t be underestimated

Our company’s history starts 23 years ago when we’ve decided to make the world a better place for those, who are the owners or smaller business in industrial and the nautical sector! We gathered the experience needed and in 2017 we have started our journey. Wholesale to service, service to charter and sales, charter and sales to consulting and management, we became the first full nautical coverage company. 

24/7 availability, delivery and support guarantee we are the first and last stop in your search for the perfect partner.

 By now we’ve helped hundreds of top-flight companies and SMBs to call the right decisions regarding the supply of parts, quality of service, internal management, M&As, etc.

We consult on investments, assist in strategic planning, charter management, vessel inspections, service & parts management, and many other matters one might need when he wants his nautical business to prosper. There’s still a matter of time and finance but we try to give you the best price for the services we provide. We make your business profits a sure thing! 

Bound To Give You Prosperity & Confidence in the Future, your trustworthy partner, 

Artanis d.o.o.