From 30 to 300 liters per hour

AQUA-BASE watermakers

AQUA-BASE® Watermakers have been designed by SLCE watermakers to meet your need for freshwater and bring you the same level of reliability and simplicity as the other SLCE watermakers. Very simple to use and install, AQUA-BASE® sea water desalinators come with their installation kit and detailed instruction manual.

Desalinators for sea water

AQUA-BASE® offers two variants: the classic X and Y ranges, with high pressure pump, from 30 to 300 L/h, and the low energy ES range, with energy recovery, from 35 to 105 L/h.

The AQUA-BASE® fabrication relies exclusively on high quality materials and components, adapted to the saline environment. Our watermakers follow endurance tests in real conditions, guaranteeing an increased durability of the equipment. Thus all AQUA-BASE® series have been granted a certification by Bureau Veritas.

AQUA-BASE® naturally benefits from the worldwide sales and technical support network of SLCE watermakers.

Our range of desalinators

From 35 to 105 L/h low consumption

Aqua-Base ES

From 30 to 90 L/h

Aqua-Base X

From 60 to 300 L/h

Aqua-Base Y

From 60 to 300 L/h

Aqua-Base ARUBA New

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